Ontario Grants to Help Small Businesses with Website and Social Media needs

Adopt Digital Technologies with a grant from the government of Ontario.

Businesses in Mississauga (and other locations through Ontario) can apply for a grant to help with the costs of Digital Marketing (such as hiring INNER MISSION WEB DESIGN for your Website (either Redesign and Improvement your existing website or the Development of new website) and assistance with Social Media Marketing (get new clients from Facebook, Instagram and Google searches).

Through the recently announced Digital Transformation Grant Program, there are Digital Transformation Grants being awarded to qualifying main street small businesses to help them invest in digital technologies and training to compete and grow.

Do not miss out on your opportunity to potentially receive a Digital Transformation Grant to assist your business! Apply today before they are gone.

How would getting a grant help my business?

Can your potential customers find your business online?

If customers are searching for your business in Google and they cannot get within 10 seconds the information they need, they'll go to your competitor.

Think about it, if you are suddenly in the mood for a haircut, and you do a search for "hairdressers near me", you would very likely pick one of the first 3 choices you see, right?!

So, if you your business doesn't show up when people Google a product or a service your offer...

you just lost a sale!

Can you really afford to send your customers to your competition like that?

Do you want people to come to YOUR business?

We can drive traffic to your store. We can get your phone to ring off the hooks with very motivated leads, with our proven methods of digital marketing.

Proven? Yes, we have been doing digital marketin since 1999!

Back then, Yahoo was the most popular search engine, Facebook didn't exist (Mark Zuckerberg was still in High School!) and people certainly didn't use the Internet then like they do now.

We have learned to keep up with new technologies ever since. We have helped a lot of small, local businesses get on top of search engines when people are looking for services or products they offer!

We want to help you be easy to find online!

Through the year, we have helped a lot of business owners with websites and social media, for all kind of industry! What's yours?